Getting Deeper into the Word of God 

This year God has given us the call to become a people that really get into the goodness of the Word. 

We've got many ways that this year you can encounter God this year personally through His Word, why not read the whole Bible in a year this year?


Here are some helpful links to help you do that: 

One Year Bible Reading Plan:(Caroline and I will be following this one)…/reading_plans/straight/

NIV Audio Bible in a Year : 

Bible in One Year: Nicky Gumbel:

We will be as a community feasting on the Word, beginning at Genesis and going all the way through to Revelation. We will ask Holy Spirit to lead us, teach us, and feed us. 

We will encounter Him through His amazing, creative, life giving Words.. 

Come and encounter the Lord as we journey through Bible together. Let us become a people of His Word! 

Seven Day Fast at the Beginning of Each Month.  

'When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.' - Matthew 6: 16 

We are also a community that fasts and prays.. Our Lord said.. WHEN YOU FAST.. 

We believe in the POWER of fasting and prayer for DIRECTION, for PROVISION, and for POWER of the Kingdom of God to be released through us and upon us. 

When people FAST and PRAY.. There's an increase of Holy Spirit activity and we believe in it. 

This year, at the beginning of EVERY month, in the first week we will be doing a 7 day fast. 

We are believing God to change us, transform us, and come in mighty power like NEVER before. 

Be a part and let God transform you!

Sunday Morning Service - 11.15

We are very welcoming family of believers! You can expect lots of friendly faces, a warm cup of tea, and lots of acceptance straight away. 

We start with a bit of a greeting and introduction, testimonies of the amazing works that God is doing though all of our community, whether that's healings, answers to prayer, or prophetic words. 

Then there will be a time of worship, where we have free contemporary, Spirit led worship. We are passionate worshippers that love our God and we like to be open to His leading. 

Next, you'll have a powerful sermon that will be inspire you to know Him more and how to live out the Christian life. 

Finally, there will be some time after the service for teas, coffees, and sometimes even food. 

The LAST SUNDAY of EVERY MONTH is our Bring and Share, we eat together and spend time with each other over delicious food.

Come and join us this Sunday at 11.15! 

Be blessed! 

Ten Weeks of Freedom in Christ!! 

From Monday, 27/01/2020 @ 19.00

Run by Inger and Chris Woodcock, they will be exploring the Freedom in Christ course in depth on Mondays and growing deeper into the truth that Jesus revealed about Who You Are in Christ, What You Are Now as a Christian, and Your Daily Choice as a Believer. 

If you have just found out about this or are wanting to learn more.. 


Come along and join us ;)



Parent, Toddlers, and Babies Group - Kimbalu Launches Thursday, 9/01/20 @9.45 and 10.30!!

Run by Jen Jarvis, she says this about the Kimbalu group:


' Kimbalu is a fun, fast moving music group for babies, pre-school children and their parents or carers. 


Our classes provide the space for you to enjoy making music together whilst at the same time build your child's confidence within an inclusive group setting. 

We have a fast moving, weekly-theme based programme to keep the children focused and involved.


A mix of sitting and lap songs, moving and dancing about, playing with a different instrument each week and having fun with the parachute, hoops, bubbles, ribbons and scarves.


Our friendly class monkey, Kimba, joins us to sing hello and goodbye which the children love!


Experiencing music at a young age can improve children's cognitive development, making them become better learners, so at Kimbalu we endeavour to create a fun, imagination-stirring environment which can bring together these important aspects of early childhood development'

Find out more here:

Prayer Meeting - Every Thursday 19.00

We have a prayer meeting to come together as a community here in Brighton and Hove and seek the face of God, worship with guitars, drums, tambourines, and voices, and bring psalms, songs, prophetic words, and to really catch the fire and heart of God together to see His kingdom come!


No two prayer meetings are the same as sometimes people are healed, delivered, and testimonies are awesome week by week of what God is doing.  

Come and join us and experience the power and love of our Almighty God!! 

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