Our Church History

The history of Stoneham Road Baptist Church is one of great faith and Vision.


Our Founder, Frank Sadler and his wife saw the great need among the “underdogs” of Hove - the cab runners and “pig swill collectors” and with love, zeal and sacrifice brought them to the Love of God through Jesus Christ.

Those who have followed in Frank Sadler’s footsteps down to the present day, both in leadership and among ordinary members have shown the same love, zeal and sacrifice, sometimes faced with disappointments and frustrations.

We are deeply indebted to John Mitchell, part of the ‘Stoneham story’ for over a quarter of a century, for setting it down in this book. You will find, as I did, your faith re-kindled, as you read the history of faith and endeavour through the years.


“To God be the glory” !


John C. Webster


March 1997

The four parts of our History

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